Monday, September 20, 2010

Martex Bare Necessities

The Martex Bare Necessities Towel a durable manly towel.  You heard me correctly, a strong towel that after numerous washes still stays strong, durabale and absorbs.  I admit this towel is not what I consider Luxurious, but dang if it is not an impressive towel that lasts.

The towle being evaluated is a few years old, resides in a beach condo in Niceville Florida, and  hosts several visitors from around the world.  This towel and several other Martex Bare Necessities Towels are deffinately holding.

Here is what I like:  substantial, thick, no pilling, strong shape, and very absorbant.  The cotton is 100% Egyptian, but unlike other long loops this one has minimal unriveling.

This is one work towel I will definately be adding to my collection!!!

I was not able to find where this towel was purchased, and the condo owner, thinks it may have been from Costco.  After a little bit of digging, here is what I learned about this towel. 

The Martex Bare Necessities Towel is from the South Carolina firm, Martex Fiber Southern Corporation that has partnered with Central America.  Martex is a Fortune 100 company and was founded in 1970.  The company states "Martex Fiber’s advanced sorting, grading, processing and high density baling transforms new textile waste into products for industrial and consumer markets worldwide."

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